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A laid back Indian dining experience @ Tamatanga  

If like me you've been walking past the colourful boards hiding Tamatanga for the last month (and been dying to get inside) this week I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek.  The latest 'Indian streetfood' style restaurant to pop up in Birmingham city centre, Tamatanga is the new sibling of the award-winning restaurant… Continue reading A laid back Indian dining experience @ Tamatanga  

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A spicy lunch and Siamais revisited

Sometimes you stumble upon a restaurant and it just makes your heart a little happier, don't you think? It's rare but wonderful; you've never heard of a place and then all of a sudden you've been back ten times and tried half the menu. For me, that restaurant seems to be Siamais. I sort of… Continue reading A spicy lunch and Siamais revisited


Vietnamese street food @ Pho

I've written before about my love affair with Pho - check it out - located in the food court area of Grand Central. Once you get over the fact that there's always a queue (and in winter it's ruddy freezing) it's a great spot for a steaming bowl of noodle soup or one of the other Vietnamese inspired… Continue reading Vietnamese street food @ Pho


Burrito bowls @ Habaneros Mexican Street Food

Last week I had a lunch in the park that could only be described as life changing. As anyone who knows me well will testify, I am absolutely in love with all things burrito and I'm always looking for somewhere that I haven't tried for my next fix. Last week I finally paid a visit… Continue reading Burrito bowls @ Habaneros Mexican Street Food


Sushi sampling @ Wasabi, Grand Central

I've been mildly obsessed with Wasabi sushi since 2015 when I discovered the chain on a work trip to London. Having stumbled upon the takeaway sushi joints by accident (read: I was lost) my hungry belly was beyond happy to receive a selection of California rolls and nigiri. So much so that I went back… Continue reading Sushi sampling @ Wasabi, Grand Central