Nosh and Quaff hosts party to launch New Yorker Beer

Last week I returned to the land of dirty ribs and lobster love, Nosh and Quaff, to celebrate the launch of a brand new beer now available at the bar and restaurant.  The event saw the introduction of New Yorker Beer, a bottled lager which is already available across the world. Marketed as 'a beer… Continue reading Nosh and Quaff hosts party to launch New Yorker Beer


American comfort food @ The Smoke Haus

It's no secret I love comfort food. From loaded burgers and footlong hotdogs to gooey mac n cheese; I'm all about the stodge. My waistline doesn't thank me for this love affair, of course, but my stomach is usually quite grateful, and frankly I listen to that more than my skinny jeans anyway. For that… Continue reading American comfort food @ The Smoke Haus


Sunny Sundays @ The Distillery 

I don't really like living in Tyseley. It's lacking in entertainment, Deliveroo doesn't deliver Lebanese food at 10am here, and my next door neighbours are basically a 2017 version of the Nesbitt's (showing my age there). However, one of the few things I am grateful to this shitshow of an area for - aside from… Continue reading Sunny Sundays @ The Distillery 


Free ‘Independence Day’ burgers @ Buffalo & Rye

"I could've been at a barbecue!" When I think of Independence Day I find it hard to picture anything other than a baby-faced Will Smith kicking seven bells of shite out of an unconscious alien, but thankfully on Tuesday last week my thoughts were turned to food courtesy of Buffalo & Rye. Announcing across the social… Continue reading Free ‘Independence Day’ burgers @ Buffalo & Rye


A fun cinema experience but disappointing food @ Mockingbird

You find me today a disappointed and confused foodie. I've written and deleted the opening of this blog post so many times now, but I've decided to just post a blow-by-blow account of my recent visit to Mockingbird Cinema & Kitchen. I have to be honest from the get go and say this may be… Continue reading A fun cinema experience but disappointing food @ Mockingbird