Free ‘Independence Day’ burgers @ Buffalo & Rye

"I could've been at a barbecue!" When I think of Independence Day I find it hard to picture anything other than a baby-faced Will Smith kicking seven bells of shite out of an unconscious alien, but thankfully on Tuesday last week my thoughts were turned to food courtesy of Buffalo & Rye.Β Announcing across the social … Continue reading Free ‘Independence Day’ burgers @ Buffalo & Rye

The best hangover I’ve had in a while @ Pieminister

Friday wasn't really my finest hour. After spending the previous night at Bourne & Co sampling cocktails (so.many.cocktails) I awoke on Friday morning feeling anything less than peachy. Despite having a full day of work ahead of me I was in vaguely good spirits, mainly because of the Brum arrival of Pieminister.  Knowing the small … Continue reading The best hangover I’ve had in a while @ Pieminister