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Boston Tea Party opens a new cafe in Edgbaston 

A new cafe has opened in Edgbaston as part of the popular Boston Tea Party chain; the 20th UK opening for the group. I have a well documented love affair with BTP (read my thoughts here) so I was delighted to be invited to the Edgbaston soft launch to try some food and meet the… Continue reading Boston Tea Party opens a new cafe in Edgbaston 

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French toast & happy vibes @ Home Is Where

I found Home Is Where by accident when I was recently visiting Hotel Du Vin. After my massage last week I clocked the cafe in all its white vintagy glory as I left, and decided to diary a visit to the cute looking eatery. I managed to find an hour spare recently so popped in… Continue reading French toast & happy vibes @ Home Is Where

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Breakfast meetings and Urban revisited 

It's been a funny old week, with absolutely loads going on at work and a busy week socially. During the last seven days I've had various meetings and on many occasions haven't had time to grab myself breakfast (woe is me) so I was really pleased when one of my early morning meetings in the… Continue reading Breakfast meetings and Urban revisited 


Energy-boosting breakfast smoothie

Confession: I've had a heavy couple of weeks *starts the violins* Between my birthday, friend's birthdays, even my dad's birthday, I seem to have spent most of the last fortnight either eating or drinking -  and I can't say that any of the things that have passed my lips could be considered particularly healthy.  With… Continue reading Energy-boosting breakfast smoothie

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Breakfast of champions @ Boston Tea Party

I want to make something very clear.. are you listening closely?  *clears throat*  I BLOODY LOVE BREAKFAST Just thinking about breakfast makes me want to tap the heart emoji until my finger falls off. As well as creating over the top photo opps with bowls of zoats at home, I also enjoy letting someone else… Continue reading Breakfast of champions @ Boston Tea Party


Feta & scrambled egg stuffed ‘shrooms

You know that feeling when... you're aware it's a few days before the food shopping is due and, rather than having planned meals ready to go in the fridge, you're left staring at random wilting ingredients hoping your imagination will take over and create something wonderful.. yeah, welcome to my world today. With all the… Continue reading Feta & scrambled egg stuffed ‘shrooms

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Coffee and a blast from the past @ Yumm Cafe

Before I worked from home, I worked in a city centre office. Well, I say city centre, I mean Digbeth, and like many creative folk who work in this part of the city centre, my office is situated within the custard factory hub. I always really enjoyed working in this creative space, despite the fact… Continue reading Coffee and a blast from the past @ Yumm Cafe