Product review: Ibiza Ice Sparkling Wine

Review / Sunday, September 10th, 2017

It has to be said that I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to wine. I’m generally more a fan of red wine over white, and my previous experience with sparkling vinos hasn’t always been brilliant. Having said that I’m always open to trying new things (especially when it comes to alcohol) so when I was asked to try Ibiza Ice Sparkling Wine I thought why not!

Made with mountain spring water and claiming to be free of refined sugar and preservatives, I can see why it’s building a following. What girl doesn’t want to feel like booze is ‘good’ for them?! The lower ABV of 5.5% means less sugar (yay) but ultimately means less alcohol (boo) so I was sceptical about how this could really replace a glass of Pino, typically 11-12% ABV.

Opening the box I discovered two colourful aluminium bottles, one red and one white. Unlike a cork or screw cap opening, the bottles have ring pulls, which might not be inkeeping with wine traditionally but does enable easy drinking. I imagine they would be excellent for picnics, for example.

With just two flavours in the range – pomegranate, and lychee, lime and melon – it’s not going to win any awards for variety, but each in principle sounded lovely. I tried the drinks a week apart, and following the serving advice tried one bottle over ice and one straight from the bottle. The ring pull caps are easy to remove and, as the bottle is lightweight, would be ideal for drinks on the move. Who doesn’t like a quick bev on the train to hen dos, for example?

First up was Sunset: the red bottle which held the vibrant pomegranate sparkling wine. Pouring it over ice, my first thought is that it looks lovely but tastes more like a cocktail than wine – there’s no getting around that. It’s pleasant but nothing spectacular, although the natural flavour of the fruit does come through without tasting synthetic. It reminds me a lot of fruity cider and beer gardens, which is fine but possibly not quite the desired amo for the drink. 

Next I try White Isle – the lychee, lime and melon version – and pop the cap to drink it straight from the bottle. It’s more enjoyable from the bottle, oddly, thanks to it not fizzing like crazy up upon hitting ice cubes. It’s refreshing and fragrant, and the combination of fruit flavours is much more interesting its pomegranate partner. 


Out of the two I much prefer the exotic fruit flavours of White Isle, and I enjoyed that it reminded me of holidays abroad. In truth, it’s less of a wine and more of a low sugar alcohopop, but once you get over that both drinks are refreshing and enjoyable. 

The exotic fruit flavours manage to be vibrant and aromatic, and at just under 200 calories for a whole 300ml bottle it does hold significantly less sugar than a glass of Pino. The flavours are lovely and the drinks are pleasant, but if you’re aiming to follow a low sugar lifestyle you’d probably be better off sticking to a vodka, lime and soda for around 100 calories. 

I don’t doubt this product will be popular (especially with its celebrity following and sassy packaging) but at £3.99 a 300ml bottle, and with it only being available online, it’s unlikely to be something I seek out in future. 

You can find more information about Ibiza Ice Sparkling Wine here

*Disclosure: I was sent a sample of the Ibiza Ice Sparkling Wine to try. My opinions and photos remain my own and I was not obliged to write a review*

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