Brunch and lunch @ Wayland’s Yard, Bull Street

Cafes, Review / Saturday, March 10th, 2018

It’s gained quite a reputation in Worcester, so it makes me happy that the second Wayland’s Yard to open up is in sunny Birmingham.

Promising ‘proper coffee and proper food’, Wayland’s Yard can be found on Bull Street, just off Colmore Row. Its focus is brunch and lunch making it a daytime destination, ideal for the hungry (or hungover) folk of the financial district.

The venue

Minimalist with an industrial vibe, this is an attractive cafe that’s begging for the creative bods to set up camp in. The whitewashed brickwork makes the place feel bright, and the black and orange details are loud but fun. It feels unfussy (there’s no carpets or fancy tiles) but it’s attractive, and there’s lots of space including comfy sofas as well as tables and chairs. If you’re lucky you may also meet the resident pooch.

The food

The menu includes breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes, and you can choose between healthy options or some filthier ones. Overnight oats or hearty fry ups; choose your weapon. The menu is notably smaller to the one available in the Worcester venue, although likely to grow as the team settles in.

Eggy Crumpets are a thing of genius and something I’m sad I got to almost 33 without having eaten them before now. It’s a bit wrong but very right, especially when smeared in the sticky chilli jam. Don’t question it, just order it.

The Brunch Bap is an absolute beast of a breakfast, managing to pack in a sausage patty, halloumi, avocado and smoked bacon. It’s got hangover cure written all over it; like a vaguely hipster McMuffin almost. The sausage patty is the star, flavoured with homegrown herbs.

One thing I’m definitely not convinced about is the neon pink variations of Eggs Benedict. To each their own, but I don’t want my breakfast to look like a My Little Pony has melted on it. I’m aware the hollandaise is coloured with beetroot rather than plastic toys, but I’ll pass anyway. The avocado hummus under the sauce on the Aussie Eggs dish was, however, very nice.

As well as all that you’ll find a decent veggie breakfast, a selection of cakes (the gluten free chocolate brownie is a gooey delight and it’s well worth investing in a slab) and freshly made sandwiches to take away if you need to grab and go.

The drinks

Your usual hot drinks are available, including a bloody good latte, plus some fancy loose leaf teas. Coffee wise, the Rocko Mountain blend is divine as a flat white. Turmeric and matcha lattes are fragrant and earthy, and the raspberry tea (which comes in a very cool interactive teapot) is fresh and vibrant. There’s also a variety of cold press juices and coffee concoctions to takeaway. The fizzy coffee tonic, for example, is both weird but wonderful. I’ve never had anything quite like it.

A great cafe for a drinks with friends or getting some work done, I really like this place. So much so I’ve been back several times since my first visit. The staff are helpful and friendly and there’s a wholesomeness and quality to what the place serves that I’m already really fond of.

Do you like this cafe? Will you be visiting? Let me know in the comments.

Wayland’s Yard, 42 Bull Street, Birmingham, B4 6AF

Disclosure: This post contains both paid for and complementary food. On my initial visit I was invited to dine, however, I’ve been back several times since and paid in full because I genuinely like the place. I wasn’t obligated to write about my first experience. All words and photos are mine.

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  1. I went to this place today after reading this, it’s just as good as you said . Will be a regular spot for me i think

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