Wayland’s Yard revisited (a lot)

Cafes, Ramblings, Review / Monday, September 10th, 2018

Way back in March I attended a blogger event to mark the launch of Wayland’s Yard on Bull Street.

It’s been six month since the second Wayland’s Yard opened up (the flagship branch is in Worcester) in the heart of the business district and it’s managed to wangle its way firmly into my heart. I visit the cafe on a weekly basis, using it as an alternative for the lovely but forever rammed 200 Degrees round the corner. It’s great for people watching, it’s got speedy WiFi if you need to get some work done, and the staff are all delightful. Most importantly the food is always on point (call me old fashioned but I like reliability and consistency) and my Independent Birmingham card makes the bill less. Marvellous.

I’ve recommended the place to everyone who ever asks me for breakfast or brunch suggestions, and it probably appears on my Instagram feed (and bank statement) more than anywhere else. As with all favourite food spots I do now have some ‘go to’ dishes that never fail – so far anyway – to disappoint.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s tried the eggy crumpets and brunch baps by now so here’s five things I’d suggest ordering when you visit next.

Veggie breakfast

I’m not sure how many of these I’ve now eaten but it’s enough to prove to you that vegetarian breakfasts can convert anyone. There’s plenty of variety on the plate, with the highlights being the smokey beans and the pretty much perfect fried eggs. Don’t neglect the homemade tomato sauce though! This can also be tweaked to be made vegan, and there’s a pork-fuelled version if that’s more your bag.

Baked eggs

Only available at the weekends (come on guys, sort it out!) the baked eggs are banging. Add some chorizo and you’ve got the sexiest baked bean based meal you’ll likely eat. It’s smokey and a little bit spicy, and it can do wonders for a hangover. Trust me on that one..

Poached eggs

I’ve had some absolutely dreadful poached eggs at places that charge a lot more – these guys don’t mess about with your poachers. The build your own system means you can add extras to bulk it up, I often chuck bacon or the field mushrooms on mine. Also – the sourdough is just ridiculous.

Feta and sweet potato salad

As well as a solid hot menu this place has some great take away cold options. The sandwiches are decent but my go to is the feta and sweet potato salad that’s full of flavour and deceptively big. Get yourself one of these and a brownie from the sweet counter and laugh heartily at the idiots next to you at work eating Tesco packet sandwiches.

Oat milk latte

Ok so this isn’t a meal, obviously, but it is a super-satisfying coffee that’s worth you tying if you visit. It’s like a lovely big hug in a mug and I’m sure once the autumn weather hits I’ll be living on them again.

If you’re going to spend your money on this type of grub, do it somewhere that deserves your cash. It’s dog friendly and there’s plenty of vegan and veggie options. Wayland’s Yard is the independent cafe I was waiting for, I just hope they roll out the full menu eventually. The lucky lot in Worcester get to munch on some seriously tasty looking hotdogs and topped fries.

Have you visited this cafe yet? Let me know in the comments.

Wayland’s Yard, 42 Bull Street, Birmingham, B4 6AF

Disclosure: All food and drink covered in this post was paid for by me. I went to a launch event back in March but have always paid in full for every meal and drink since. Words and photos are mine, and I have no affiliation w

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