Something fishy: Pret’s Tuna Niscoise salad 

Ramblings, Review / Sunday, May 7th, 2017

A quick post from me today as I’m a busy bee due to events, my birthday, and a rather savage hen do hangover..

When you travel by train do you find yourself always buying a snack or meal from the same place every time? I do, and my weapon of choice is the Pret tuna niscoise salad it seems. 

It occurred to me mid last week when I boarded a train to Cardiff for a work meeting, that I must’ve gone onto auto pilot. There I was (yet again) waiting for my train at platform 11 in Birmingham New Street station clutching the white paper handles of a Pret bag, and as I peeked inside predictably a fishy salad stared back at me. I really must learn to branch out..

Anyway, somewhat explaining my predictability, I throughly enjoyed the Tuna Niscoise Salad (£3.99), which feels rather virtuous when compared to the fast food outlet filth that everyone around me scoffs whenever I seem to get on a bloody train. 

I like the honest packaging (what you see inside is what you really do get) and the fact that you get generous portions of the bits that matter; in my case tuna and egg. The tangy dressing is light but can be used sparingly if desired, and the salty olives and ground black pepper ensure the salad is seasoned. 

Tucking in with the standard issue purple fork, the salad leaves are crispy and the veggies (cucumber and tomato) are fresh. I personally like the additional thin slices of red onion which give the meal some pep, although I know onion in salads is a bit controversial to some. You’re wrong, by the way 😉

As far as on the go lunch choices go this is satisfying and lower in sugar and carbs – so perfect if, like me, you’re following the basic principles of eating plans such as Body Coach.

I grabbed this from the Pret in the Selfridges Food Hall, but there is also a small stand in Birmingham New Street station if you’re in a rush to catch a train. 

*Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with any brand/company mentioned within. All views are my own*

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