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Cafes, Ramblings, Review / Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

As some of my fellow bloggers who have listened to my woes will know, I work from home, and in order to avoid going cuckoo (more so anyway) I often take myself out to work remotely. I find getting out of the house is good for my soul, not least because it means I have to actively look like a human being. Putting my slap on and heading out wearing something other than my beloved grey joggers means I not only look more like a functioning member of society, but I also get quite a lot done.

I’m a big fan of taking myself off to work in coffee shops especially, as I like to people watch while I tap away at my keyboard. Most recently my quest for coffee and human interaction (This Morning is brain rot – I can’t cope with the inane drivel) took me to 200 Degrees on Colmore Row, which is a relatively new caffeine station in Brum.

I like 200 Degrees a lot. It’s a fab venue to take clients to for a quick meeting, and I often meet my boss there for a Friday debrief over a frothy coffee. It’s a relaxed but fairly large set up, with plenty of tables suitable for 1 if you’re working or large areas if there’s a group of you meeting up.

It feels warm and inviting (as long as you’re not sat right by the door on a cold winter morning – been there, never again!) and is an attractive space for worker bees like me or friends having a catch up. I’m quite fond of the insane amount of lamp shades, and anyone I take there comments on how homely the shop feels.

There’s a good selection of coffees and hot drinks (great herbal teas!) and whilst the place isn’t the cheapest it’s certainly got a lot more personality and charm than any of the 2064839 Costas the city now has.

As well as the usual coffees you’d expect 200 Degrees also offers light bites including muffins, fancy granola bars and some filled artisan bread rolls. I’m mainly a big fan of their cappuchinos – and the fact that they offer all visitors unlimited fruit infused water which is a nice touch – but the other added joy of this place is the blackboard outisde.

Every time I walk past 200 Degrees I always make sure to check out their double-sided boards which instead of boring offers or deals have funny or sweet drawings, memos or quotes. Over the last 6 months I’ve taken so many pictures of these boards to send to friends or family that I’m convinved some of the staff think I’m a total loser *awaits reassurance*

It might sound silly but in a world full of people being horrible to each other I find it quite comforting to see a daily dose of niceness on the streets of Birmingham. Rushing from meeting to meeting, or when running for the train at Snow Hill, I think it’s lovely to have a little bit of humour or wisdom to enjoy and reflect on – what do you think?

200 Degrees Coffee, 21 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BH

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