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Ramblings, Review / Monday, September 18th, 2017

Regular readers of my blog will be aware that I have a rather large life event on the horizon: I’m getting married in 4 weeks. Life has been incredibly busy of late – what with planning a Vegas wedding and my imminent hen do – so when I got an email from the folks at Tea Pigs offering me a chance to test their new Feel Good range I jumped at the chance. With a seemingly never-ending to do list, now more than ever I’m in need of some TLC for my body and brain, and hell, I’ll try anything if it stops me dreaming about wedding spreadsheets, to be quite honest. 

The new Tea Pigs range consists of three herbal teas promising to help us busy bees (overthinking mentalists) feel good, and each has been specially blended with a particular function in mind. So what are these three teas offering us stressed-Eric types? Clean n Green is designed to be a ‘morning cleanse’ tea, and is full of anti oxidants and detoxifying ingredients. Up Beet claims to give you an ‘afternoon boost’ and help with that 3pm slump that causes people (me) to reach for cake, and finally Snooze; a concoction designed to aid and improve sleep. God knows I need all the help I can get so I decided to try all three over a week, much to the horror of my Yorkshire Tea drinking fiancé. 

I should say at this point, I’m actually quite a fan of alternative teas and I have a cupboard full of weird and wonderful concoctions. I’ve acquired an embarrassing number of boxes over the years and have tried anything and everything tea-shaped. Bakewell Tart Green Tea, anyone? (It’s awful, don’t waste your money). I’ve tried some of the Tea Pigs range before, and my mum is also a fan, so I was excited to try the latest varieties. 

The three teas (priced at £3.99 per box) arrived in smart, brightly coloured packaging, and looked inviting. I like that you can see the contents of the bags through the front of the box. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous, but I quite like to see what I’m going to be dunking before I commit to buying herbal teas. Reading up on the three teas, I like that each offers a different benefit (detox, energise, relax) making it easy to fit them into your daily routine. 

I decide to follow the advice of the TP gods and use the green box in the morning, the orange box in the afternoon and the blue box an hour or so before bed. The Clean n Green is fragrant and the scent hits you as soon as you open the packaging. Once stewed, the lemongrass smell dominates but it’s the zingy ginger you can taste. Vibrant and fresh; I liked this green tea a lot. 

The Up Beet tea smells earthy on opening, and tastes quite strong on the old hibiscus. It’s my least favourite out of the three but did pep me up mid afternoon, so I may use instead of a coffee for a week or so. Finally the Snooze tea – what a dreamy scent. The lavender hits your senses right away and the sweetness of apple comes through. Top tip: leave this one to stew a bit longer for a fuller taste. 


At £3.99 for a box of 15 they aren’t the cheapest teas, but this brand sure offers good quality; their use of strong yet biodegradable bags is also another win for Team TP. One of the main gripes I have about ‘healthy teas’ is that, usually, they smell kind of gross; this isn’t the case here thankfully. The three teas can be incorporated easily into a daily routine and taste good, although my personal favourite is the Clean n Green detox tea which I will be buying in future. 

You can find out more about Tea Pigs and the newest range online

*Disclosure: I was provided with samples from Tea Pigs for review purposes. All photos, opinions and wedding panic are my own*

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