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Ramblings / Thursday, March 30th, 2017

I’m a big fan of Pho based in Grand Central. It’s my go to place when I’m in the mood for something tasty but vaguely healthy, and I often take myself off to the Vietnamese ‘street food’ restaurant for a working lunch. In fact, I like it so much I’ve taken my boyfriend, my mum, and about 6 friends there since it opened last year.

The venue itself isn’t anything remarkable – as with all Grand C eateries it’s a small open plan restaurant – but the food is always good and the turnaround from being seated to getting back to your day is quick.

It’s an ideal place for a speedy bite to eat before boarding a train or as a lunch pit stop for hungry shoppers making their way to the Bull Ring.

It’s always busy, and there’s often a queue snaking past other food joints during the 12-2 rush. It’s easy to see why when you try the food, as it’s always freshly made to order and comes piping hot every time.

There’s also lots of tasty options to pick from, whether you want to be saintly or a sinner, and most people combine a main with a starter or a side dish.

My favourites from the menu include the Gỏi cuốn starter (veggie summer rolls with peanut sauce), the Gỏi gà main (shredded chicken salad with Asian herbs, peppers & a chilli ginger dressing) and the Rau muống xào (morning glory) side dish. Warning: if you don’t like garlic avoid this like the plague!

If I fancy something more filling (or it’s winter and I’m battling being constantly cold) I opt for the Phở chín, which is a beef and noodle soup, or the Phở tái lăn which includes lots of flash fried steak with (you’ve guessed it) more garlic. Yay!

With the Pho soups, I like that they come with a plate of herbs and added extras for flavour kick – like lime, sliced red chillies and bean sprouts – so you can personalise your meal.

Pho also offers a great selection of freshly made juices and herbal infusion teas. As well as the apple, mint and ginger juice (sorts a  hangover right out, FYI!) the fresh mint tea is soothing alongside the spicier mains.

Have you got a favourite dish at Pho Birmingham? Let me know in the comments 👇🏼

L x

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