Christmas gift inspiration for food lovers in Birmingham

Ramblings / Friday, December 15th, 2017

I’ve finally started my Christmas shopping. It was a stressful 90 minutes spent trying not to lose my rag behind slow walkers in town, and frankly I’ll be doing the rest of my shopping online now.

But, on my travels in search of goodies for my parents (I’m making food/drink hampers for my family this year) I saw some excellent foodie treats that I thought would make lovely presents or stocking fillers for foodies.

Also, in the hopes of Ian seeing this and buying me some, I thought I would share them. It’s not a gift guide as such – aside from circling things in the Argos catalogue I don’t really know what that means – but I think some of you may like my festive finds.

Pip’s Hot Sauce (from £2.99 in Anderson and Hill)

I have a well documented love affair with Pip’s Hot Sauce and have dribbled over it on this blog numerous times. I first tried it in Bodega and have since bought an embarrassing amount of it from numerous street markets. There’s now various incarnations (although I maintain the original is still the best) and it’s an excellent cupboard addition to liven up pretty much anything. You can buy this online but I get mine from Anderson and Hill in Great Western Arcade). Do yourself a favour while you’re there and order one of their doorstop sandwiches. You’re welcome!

La Rioja Alta Vina (£23.99 at Loki Wine)

Unsurprisingly, I like wine. More specifically I like red wine these days, and I’ve been getting more than pally with Malbecs and Riojas of late. I popped in to Loki Wine (it’s in the same arcade as Anderson and Hill) to have a look at their selection and got very excited. OK so La Rioja Alta Vina is just shy of twenty five quid, but wouldn’t be be bloody lovely to wake up to that beauty on Christmas day?

Macaroon Gift Set (from £8 from Miss Macaroon)

I love the colourful sugar bombs from Miss Macaroon, having eaten my way through around 257689 mini versions at a media event a few years ago. A pack of 6 is ideal for a stocking filler and there’s a shed load of festive flavours to try, including mince pie or egg nog. There’s even an ‘Eat Your Face’ box of 12 available, if your mate’s narcissism is particularly rife over the festive period. I can think of one of two people who would love this..

Oil and Balsamic Selection (£18 from Debenhams)

I love dipping focaccia or sourdough in a good olive oil, so this four piece set is ideal. As well as an extra virgin olive oil flavoured with herbs, you get a chilli infused version and one with peppercorns, plus a balsamic. It was £22 but is now £18 with the in store discount and all bottles are 155ml. Bargain!

Manchester Gin – Pink Grapfruit (£24.99 from Selfridges)

I was looking for the Edinburgh Gin mini set (£10.99) truth be told, but I came across this sexy little number which grabbed my attention away for a while. Loved the bottle and I’m a fan of anything that combines gin and citrus to be honest.

Custard Chocolate (£2.99 from Mr Simms)

I can already hear Ian being sick in his mouth for this one, but I personally am a huge fan of custard – so much so that I’d like it involving chocolate. Mr Simms – an old school sweet shop come Willy Wonder mad house – sells this plus some other interesting offerings that put Dairy Milk to shame. Champs and Strawberry anyone?

Any of that take your fancy? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Oh and Happy Christmas, like.

*Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with any brands or shops mentioned within this blog post. I just like food*

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