Posh kebabs and all the hot sauce

Pop ups, Review / Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Yesterday saw the first of the 2017 seasonal markets pop up in Birmingham. Found in The Bond in Digbeth, the canal-side setting is a gorgeous hidden gem and just 10 minutes walk from the city centre. The spring sunshine made for a busy event, with hundreds of foodie friends and families spending the day mooching around the stalls and choosing from a variety of delicious local eateries.

Many of the Digbeth Dining Club favourites were there, and alongside the vast array of street food vendors – which included some amazing smelling curries, burgers, waffles and noodles – I spotted Kebab Cartel; one of my favourite mobile food haunts.

I have to say, I do love a kebab. I’m a massive fan of Lebanese food and know there’s a lot more to a decent kebab than what you find in a chippy at 3am after too many pints. Kebab Cartel is always busy – the queue often trails past other vendors nearby – and for one good reason: the food is amazing.

Offering one meat – chicken was on the menu yesterday – means the lads running the show can really offer something special, and all the little added extras such as tahini, salads, chillies, and in my case halloumi (amazing, try it!) make it a party of flavours. The meat is excellent quality and the sauces ensure the flatbread goes down easily.

At £8 The Mule is more pricy than your average takeaway kebab, but it’s worth every penny. Fresh flavours and high quality ingredients mean this kebab is off the charts.

As well as on-the-go food choices, there were numerous stalls inside The Bond showcasing local talent and products. Aside from artists showing off their latest pieces, I was delighted to spot the Pip’s Hot Sauce stand amongst some other foodie pop ups. For Bodega fans, Pip’s is the spicy red sauce you are encouraged to liberally slosh all over your South American goodies, and it’s something I have come to adore over the years.

So I was thrilled yesterday to find I could buy some to use at home – so much so I snapped up 3 bottles (£10). I can’t wait to use the red sauce in a spicy chorizo stew I’m thinking of making, and finally trying the green one at last! The bottles are super fun too – I love the drawings!

A tasty weekend for sure, and a really great day spent in the sunshine with friends – will certainly head back in June for the next event.

L x

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