Cheese Fest Birmingham @ The Custard Factory

Events, Ramblings / Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

It will come as little surprise to literally anyone that knows me I attended Cheese Fest Birmingham last week.

The two day festival of fromage took place at The Custard Factory in Digbeth, and offered cheese fans the opportunity to.. well, eat a shit load of cheese, basically.

I joined my foodie pal Fay on the 2-4pm slot and we set about finding the most outrageous, cheesy filth we could. There was a plethora of stands to visit and street food vendors offering gooey treats like melted raclette, plus cheese wheels and stalls selling British and continental cheeses. Frankly, if heaven does exist I’m pretty sure I’ve been there now.

Despite having eaten a massive brunch earlier that day at Malmaison, Fay and I threw ourselves into the festival with gusto… it’s amazing how much cheese two people (that an hour previously refused dessert) can suddenly consume in 2 hours, to be honest.

Walking around we found halloumi fries, whole baked Bries and Camemberts, toasties, cheese filled sausages (yes, really) and mac and cheese pots. There were also sweet treats in the form of cheesecakes.

As well as selling enough cheese to bring on gout by Monday, visitors could also grab craft beers and wine, plus chutneys, jams and crackers. I hope this comes back next year; I’ll be sure to starve myself for a week beforehand to make sure I do it justice.

Have you visited one of the Cheese Fest events? Do you have any favourite dishes? Let me know in the comments.

Disclosure: I paid in full for my ticket and food.. no doubt much to the horror of the pass agg moan squad on Twitter

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