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Pan fried trout with roasted asparagus and minted broad beans  

*moors up in Gas Street basin in makeshift arc*  Grim out isn't it! You wouldn't know if you looked outside (any) window in Birmingham today, but it is actually spring. Yes, it's magical isn't it... *ahem*  Despite the depressing grey skies and relentless rain, looking back through my recent blogs I've been reminded of a… Continue reading Pan fried trout with roasted asparagus and minted broad beans  


Energy-boosting breakfast smoothie

Confession: I've had a heavy couple of weeks *starts the violins* Between my birthday, friend's birthdays, even my dad's birthday, I seem to have spent most of the last fortnight either eating or drinking -  and I can't say that any of the things that have passed my lips could be considered particularly healthy.  With… Continue reading Energy-boosting breakfast smoothie


Chilli crab linguini  

Hands up who loves pasta.. *watches every arm in the Western World spring up* Of course you do! It's comforting, super-filling and is (usually) ridiculously easy to cook. Granted, without lashings of a tasty sauce your humble spaghetti doesn't exactly ring all the taste alarms BUT I've recently been shown an easy way to get… Continue reading Chilli crab linguini  


Feta & scrambled egg stuffed ‘shrooms

You know that feeling when... you're aware it's a few days before the food shopping is due and, rather than having planned meals ready to go in the fridge, you're left staring at random wilting ingredients hoping your imagination will take over and create something wonderful.. yeah, welcome to my world today. With all the… Continue reading Feta & scrambled egg stuffed ‘shrooms