*Is this thing on?*

Hello, universe! Welcome one and all to Bite Your Brum. If you like to know what tasty treats Birmingham has to offer, or if you just love close up photos of juicy burgers (hey, we don’t judge here) this slice of the tinterweb is for you.

My name is Laura and I’m a permanently hungry thirty-something foodie with a some may say slightly unhealthy obsession for all things edible. I consider cheese (specifically a sloppy French Brie, thanks for asking..) to be one of the greatest joys in life, and I’ve been known to polish off 3 roast dinners in an afternoon.


Loving grub and trying out new eateries as I do, I also try and have a ‘healthy balance’ mentality, cooking leaner meals at home. This often goes completely out the window but the intention is there.. usually.

BYB is my little passion project (born in early 2017) set up partly to help fellow Brummies find great eats in the city, and partly to stop my poor pals being bombarded with extreme close ups of my breakfast on Instagram. Not everyone cares about mashed avocado – who knew?

As well as my ramblings on local places to grab great food and new start ups, you’ll also find some of my at-home culinary creations. So, join me on my quest to find Brum’s best bites, and if you have any recommendations give me a shout on email.

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