** I’m getting married **

As anyone who regularly reads my blog will know, I’m getting married this month. In fact, if you’re reading this at the time it’s been scheduled to appear (WordPress gods willing of course) I am actually drinking gin somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean right about now. YEAH, BABY!

While I’m in Las Vegas getting hitched and on honeymoon in Rhodes I won’t be blogging, and (aside from this one) I have no scheduled posts. Every part of me is going on holiday – blogger Laura included. I think my long suffering man, Ian, deserves that. At best you’ll get some smug pictures on Instagram involving the 5* all inclusive buffet in going to get heavily involved in, but that’s another story.. 

I’m sure once I’m back on UK soil I’ll put together a roundup post about my foodie adventures, and how I went from Miss to Mrs via a small garden chapel in the American desert. But until then enjoy the peace and quiet, and don’t have too much edible fun without me. 

See ya’ll in November,

The future Mrs McEwan* 

*fuck me, thats weird

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