Happy first birthday to Rofuto (Park Regis Hotel)

I was recently invited to attend the first birthday of Rofuto, and after being promised an evening of cocktails and sushi (despite my wedding dress diet woes) I made my way gleefully to Park Regis Hotel, also the home of 1565. I’d heard a lot about this skyline restaurant before the event and was really excited to finally get aquatinted with the top notch Pan-Asian food. 

Offering 360-degree views of Birmingham from the 16th floor, the restaurant offers a Japanese inspired menu including sushi and dim sum. With some new menu additions now launching what better way to celebrate than with a gathering of food lovers? 

I arrived at 7pm having had a catch up drink with my foodie pals George and Emma, and upon entering the restaurant was immediately wowed by how beautiful it is. If I was still on the dating scene I’d likely be forcing the men of Brum to take me here immediately. The venue has a romantic feel and is quite stunning, and at the centre of the restaurant you can find a large bar offering signature cocktails and sake. 

Rofuto is a treat for the senses with a modern, chic interior, and the views are fab. Despite the heavy rain (ahhh, autumn) the vast twinkling city lights looked very pretty from the floor to ceiling windows. Even a wet Birmingham looks beautiful from this high up. 

The night began with cocktails at the bar before the sushi bar opened. The Eastern Medicine (£12) made with Hakashu Single Malt, Wildflower Honey, fresh root ginger and lemon was a revelation, offering subtle heat and a delicate flavour. It also packed a boozy punch – yay! The sparkling Lady of the Loft (£14) was a pretty pink flute flavoured with rose; nice but not worth the price tag. 

Taking a table by the window (hey, at floor 16 a view with drizzle is still a view), we enjoyed some samples from the food menu as they whizzed past. Bitesize tasters from the main menu included Grilled Chinese Duck, Saffron Miso Black Cod, and Crispy Suckling Pork Belly; we enjoyed the savoury flavours, inparticular the pork belly.

At the sushi bar a colourful platter of pieces awaited us, including Nigiri, Sashimi, Uramaki, Hosomaki and Futomaki. The presentation of the (giant!!) sushi mountain was beautiful and the pieces I tried were delicious. You can try a 40-piece The Rofuto Platter for £55 if you like the idea of pick and mix sushi. 

An enjoyable party with some absolutely lovely fellow foodies and friends. I discovered Rofuto also offers private cocktail master classes and afternoon tea – something I’m hoping to come back and try. 

Rofuto, Park Regis Hotel, 160 Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1DT

*Disclosure: I was invited to the loft party as a guest of Rofuto and East Village PR, and all food and drink was complementary. All opinions, photos and overzealous sushi eating remain my own*

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