Oktoberfest @ The Old Crown, Digbeth

Last night I celebrated Friday the best way I know how: slurping beer surrounded by meat. To put this into some kind of context, I attended Digbeth Oktoberfest at The Old Crown, which saw the beer garden transformed into a Bavarian themed bar packed with tasty food and beer galore. 

Offering an array of theme-appropriate food as well as more German beers than you can shake your lederhosen at, the four date event is designed to give Brummies a taste of how our European pals get down. Fuck you Brexit woes etc. 

A few local food stalls could be found in the Bavarian garden shack, with meaty burgers from OPM as well as sweet treats from Bournville Waffle Conpany, and enough sauerkraut to pickle yourself in. 

I was thrilled to see Original Patty Men selling their now famous burgers to hungry punters, and I couldn’t resist the lure of the filth. Those boys make some seriously magic meat, they really do. The OPM guys brought their A-game as usual, offering their classic bacon burger (fuck me that’s good!) and a special for the event: The German One Innit (£8.50). 

A thick longhorn beef patty – still perfectly pink in the centre – came covered in gooey smoked cheese, salami crisps and crunchy sauerkraut, all served nestled in a toasted bun. The curry ketchup was inspired and my mouth orgasmed. Additional Spiced Fries (£3) were flavourful and crispy. 

If massive burgers aren’t your bag (who even are you, go home) there’s plenty of rocket fuel beer on tap to rev your enginesincluding two from ABK, the oldest Bavarian brewery. We also stumbled upon German gins, cocktails and mulled wine. 

The ticket price actually includes a two pint stein on arrival, and we got into the Bavarian spirit almost immediately. The Fels Pilsner 4.2% was crisp and easy to drink. 

Wenn du Bier magst das ist gut! 

*flicks hair smugly* 

Live brass bands and DJs were on hand to provide the tunes, and enthusiastic dancing, singing, clinking of enormous glasses was all very much encouraged making it a fun (and LOUD) evening of frivolity. 

On top of all of that, Oktoberfest themed games including Hammerschlagen (hitting a nail with a hammer) were ongoing and a yodelling competition. Because why the hell not. 

It was kind of like the Christmas market – if you got rid of the screaming kids and crap stalls selling wooden ornaments – in micro form. Marvellous. The event was packed to the rafters too, which is exactly how this gem of a beer garden should be – it’s always been one of my favourites in the city. 

We had a good laugh watching everyone thrashing about, and there was a genuinely excellent party atmosphere. Digbeth Oktoberfest runs until 7th October and tickets start at £15. You can find out more information, dates or book tickets here.

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