Free ‘Independence Day’ burgers @ Buffalo & Rye

“I could’ve been at a barbecue!”

When I think of Independence Day I find it hard to picture anything other than a baby-faced Will Smith kicking seven bells of shite out of an unconscious alien, but thankfully on Tuesday last week my thoughts were turned to food courtesy of Buffalo & Rye. Announcing across the social media channels it would be giving away free burgers, I made sure to make a note of this joyful news in my diary.

I mean I love burgers anyway, but free ones? Hello!

The deal was simple: the first 20 customers to shout ‘Happy Independence Day’ on July 4th would get a double cheese burger. I believe when I arrived around 12:30pm I was maybe number 10, and dutifully the server heard my cries and presented me with a double cheese burger.

Having had a pretty (very) shambolic initial experience with Buffalo & Rye during its opening week soft launch, and then finding the food to be disappointing when I finally got to try it a few weeks later, I can’t say I’ve been in a rush to go back to Bodega’s sister venue. With so many places across the city now doing American-style comfort food (and doing it very well I might add) B&R wasn’t top of my list for a return visit. However, when the opportunity presented itself to try the small Bennetts Hill restaurant again (third time lucky…) without charge it seemed a no-brainer.

Thankfully on this visit I managed to eat a full meal *bonus* and whilst it wasn’t the most exciting burger in the world, it was a solid, cheese-laden effort. The seeded brioche bun and quality of meat was better than I received last time (I can’t remember much about that visit because I tried to block it out for fear of swearing controllably every time I walked past the place) and the two patties were generous, although seriously lacked seasoning. Considering I paid absolutely nothing for it I really can’t complain, and it’s shown me the place has evolved since its opening. Thank GOD.

It was also a nice touch that the team had decorated the seating area with bunting and added a big USA flag outside; I admire the commitment to Will Smith Saved The World Day.

Did you get one of the 19 other free burgers? What did you think? Drop me a comment below or on Twitter!

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