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Lovely lattes @ Java Lounge, Colmore Row

With the rain finally lifting (for 24 hours at least) and my need for caffeine overriding my desire to stay at home with the heating on, I decided to pop to town for a coffee hit. Grabbing my Mac and notepad, I hopped on the train to town and instinctively got off at Snow Hill –  wasn’t sure where I was going but if you’re going to search for a coffee Colmore Row isn’t a bad starting point. 

Heading towards Victoria Square I was reminded of Java Lounge; a popular cafe and always filled with fellow laptop zombies. Having a quick peek in through to window I noticed the place looked a little different so I decided to pop in and have a mooch – with a coffee obviously! 

There’s been some changes to the seating which have improved the venue immensely. Gone is the uncomfortable seating which has been replaced by some new booths. The rustic design remains in keeping with the theme of the cafe though and it all fits in a treat. 

The same lovely staff are on hand to take your order at the counter (along with some fine looking sugary treats) and I ordered a skinny latte to take to a table. 

Being around 10am Java Lounge was thankfully quieter than I expected, so I found a space and started tapping away at my laptop like everyone else around me. 

As someone who often works remotely I’d like to give Java a special shout out for all the plug points – you rock! 

I love the lighting here too. I’m not sure why some cafes in Birmingham insist on us sitting in near darkness but I much prefer this bright set up. 

The coffee was as good as I remembered – I last came here about 6 months ago when I was escaping the snow – and it looked and tasted delightful.

As the time ticked away and lunchtime hit I noticed people around me eating food, and the simple but wholesome grub looked great. It’s inspired me to come back and try one of the salads which looked fabulous when they were delivered to my neighbours. 

A great little spot in the city centre for freelancers and bloggers, or as a low key meeting location. There’s also a sister cafe in Moseley, if you’re more likely to be over that side of Brum.

Java Lounge, 124 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 3SD

*Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with any brand/company mentioned within. All views are my own*

2 thoughts on “Lovely lattes @ Java Lounge, Colmore Row”

  1. Java Lounge is one of my favourite coffee shops in Birmingham. It ticks the box on every level and the coffee is spot on. I like the new layout and decor and the service is always friendly.


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