BrewDog gets a revamp 

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last two years you’ll probably be more than familiar with Birmingham’s branch of BrewDog. Settled in the heart of John Bright Street – now one of my personal favourite areas for a tipple and a casual bite to eat – BrewDog is of course part of the popular chain of bars across the UK. 

Serving craft beers and burgers, it’s always busy and generally full of well behaved men *Seriously, if you’re a single girl on the prowl and haven’t yet hunted in this bar you’re missing a trick* enjoying polite LAD time. 

Ian and I come here a lot and despite seemingly always being the only human in there with ovaries it’s always been an enjoyable (if not slightly overcrowded) place to start or end an evening. 

Being a fan of the BrewDog vibe, and having been to a fair few across the UK, I was quite excited to check out their newly refurbished Brum branch. Now, if you’re expecting to walk back in and find a totally different bar you’ll be disappointed but the update has revamped some of the more tired decor (including a crisp new sign on the front) and sees the addition of some extra seating. Horah for that! 

Gone are those tiny high rise tables that jutted out by the front windows, having been replaced by a much more helpful long bench, and mesh cages with squishy booth-style seating now give the big tables by the bar and side windows a more intimate feel. There’s even a sneaky table for two in the corner you can enjoy.

There’s also a big table next to the other set of 3 booths, which is useful but probably likely to be a logistical nightmare come Saturday night. Whoever sits there will essentially be in the way of all traffic arriving/leaving and I know I personally would get fed up of people knocking me – but hey, I’m getting on a bit and that sort of faff doesn’t bother everyone. 

The artwork adorning the exposed brick walls remains, with more added for good measure, and the light features you know and love are still a focus. 

As well as a facelift the bar appears to have undergone a bit of a menu revamp too, with a few new eats (or at least updated versions of old eats) making the new menu. 

My beloved chilli burger (name escapes me!) seems to have bitten the dust, although it’s replacement – the Chipolte Chorizo Burger (£8) – could be a winner. The Soy Division (£8) also sounds ruddy good if you’re looking for a veggie/vegan option. Admittedly the prices have taken a hike too, although a burger and fries for £9.50 isn’t the worst the city has thrown at us for a meal of this nature, let’s be honest.. 

With summer coming up and an outside seating area that gets the sun most of the day, I don’t doubt BrewDog will continue to please the craft beer lovers of Brum and be the scene for many a Sunday Sesh for my other half and I. 

Congrats on the revamp, guys. 

BrewDog, 81-87 John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BL

*Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with any brand/company mentioned within. All views are my own*

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