Doughnut Dreams 

It’s Sunday night and we’ve had a gloriously lazy day. Like, really lazy. I’ve only just managed to change out of my jimjams (..don’t judge me) let alone attempt anything as wild as leaving the house. Due to my impending birthday in the next few weeks, my other half popped into Brum this afternoon to do some top secret shopping, but there was one addition to his loot I could get my mitts on today.. 

..wait for it..


The lure of the Krispy Kreme shop (seriously, do they pump the smell of KK into the Bull Ring, its like catnip?!) in Selfridges was clearly too strong for Ian, who returned home looking like Christmas had come early. Being hungover I very nearly cried.

The 3 absolute beasts we’re going to share with a bucket of tea and a trashy Netflix film later are a Nutella stuffed dream, cookies and cream, and something even more filthy topped with biscoff. Yeah – drink that in for a minute.

Wanna see them? 

*plays the food porn music*

*wipes dribble from chin*

How amazing do these look? Ordinarily I consider myself a savoury person, but I’ve never met a Krispy Kreme I didn’t like. I don’t really get to have such indulgences very much at the moment what with weddding dresses to wear and bikinis to strut around in (there’s a treat and there’s a one way ticket to a fat backside) so I’m going to savour these bad boys big time.

Are you a KK fan? Let me know your favourites in the comments section 👇🏼

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