Reaching new heights: The Loft has been lifted 

I have a confession to make: when I’m hungover I find it really hard to turn down ‘bad’ food. As someone who used to munch her way through a KFC bucket meal (and still have room for more) most Sundays, over the years I’ve been trying to make better decisions after a night on the pop. I was left in this situation last weekend, where after a great night out with old uni friends I was left tired and starving, but I really didn’t want to mess up all the good work I’d been doing in the gym that week. 

Deciding it was best to choose somewhere before heading out (anyone who’s been hungover and hungry knows wondering aimlessly in a city is torture) I clocked my Independent Birmingham card and had a quick look through the newer additions to the restaurants list. I came across The Loft, and immediately realised it was the revamped Loft Lounge in the Gay Village, just behind Nightingales, but couldn’t believe the transformation it had undergone. Mind made up I dragged Ian along.

The Loft is a really lovely bar come eatery, with separate areas for diners looking for a slightly more secluded spot in this big space. The chic makeover it’s had is impressive – gone is the purple velvet everything – and the use of space is so much better than I remember it previously being. There’s also a gorgeous secluded beer garden out the back, which come summer I have no doubt will be heaving. 

The menu has also had a revamp, with lots of choice and some interesting additions. Trying to be a little more virtuous than my other half, I was delighted to be told by the (very helpful) bar staff that any of the sandwiches could be made into salads: perfect! 

I opted for the lamb salad and despite not expecting much I received a decent sized lunch, and enjoyed the more unusual and flavourful choices of lettuce. The steak with artichokes we also ordered was cooked perfectly, and the beef dripping fries are worth every calorie. I only had a few of them but they made quite an impression! 

Most of the mains on the menu came in between a reasonable £7-£12, and when you factor in the generous 25% discount if using an Independent Birmingham card, you’ve got a reasonably priced lunch. There’s also some nice craft ales available, as well as some cheeky sounding cocktails, and having spoken to a fellow diner I’m told the Sunday roast platter to share is worth checking out too. My only gripe would be that they didn’t offer slimline tonic, which is a small but basic issue. 

I actually enjoyed the bar, food, service and music (all the 90s pop/RnB classics you can think of!) so much I’m planning on taking my friends there for my birthday lunch next month. If you want good quality light bites in a relaxed and informal setting in/around the Gay Village seriously consider checking out The Loft. 

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