Sushi sampling @ Wasabi, Grand Central

I’ve been mildly obsessed with Wasabi sushi since 2015 when I discovered the chain on a work trip to London. Having stumbled upon the takeaway sushi joints by accident (read: I was lost) my hungry belly was beyond happy to receive a selection of California rolls and nigiri. So much so that I went back later that day to buy more.. like I said, mildly obsessed.

Every visit to the capital I would plan my Underground route to accommodate my cravings, often picking up enough to feed a family of four to devour between meetings. Then one day, during the Grand Central/New Street station refurb, I caught glimpse of the familiar Wasabi signing, and a month later the shop was open for business. Naturally, I was there with my credit card and an empty tummy on day one.

I love sushi. Whether it’s simple takeaway or as part of a sit down traditional meal in a restaurant, I can really put some volume away. Being that I usually try and follow a slightly lower carb attitude during the week, I don’t get to have Wasabi as much as my “inner fatty” would like, but recently I threw caution to the wind and revisited the Brum hot spot for lunch.

Unlike some other ‘on the go’ sushi outlets, Wasabi has a great choice which allows you to be more selective in what you eat. It’s nice to be able to buy a ready designed combination of pieces or create your own with inididually wrapped items, like the ones I snapped below 👇🏼

I also enjoy that aside from cold options, there are also ramens with dumplings and hot meals including Katsu curry.

The food is always well presented and easy to transport, making it ideal for a train journey from the very station that sells the sushi. I’ve always thought the white boxes with clear plastic lids are aesthetically pleasing and both sturdy and practical, allowing you to get a good visual of the food before commiting to buying it.

I’ve sampled A LOT of the sets available, and find a few especially provide excellent variety. The Chumaki set, for example, is ideal for one person and combines raw salmon, rice, avocado, prawn tempura, egg and surimi crabmeat in a variety of rolls and nigiri.

I’m also a fan of the spicy chirashi salad and the classic party set which offers a selection of sushi rolls and fried specialities with an edamame salad; perfect if you’re sharing with friends.

Are you a fan of Wasabi sushi and this type of food generally?

Let me know your suggestions for what I should try next in the comments section below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Wasabi Sushi, Grand Central, New Street Station, B2 4QA

*Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with any brand/company mentioned within. I paid in full.  All views are my own*

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