Souvlaki & snacks @ All Greek Streetfood, Stephenson Street

Delis & Takeaway, Review / Monday, December 10th, 2018

I think I may have finally found the dream hangover lunch in Birmingham.

I say that because upon my first visit to All Greek Streetfood I ate something I’ve not had in such similar form since an 18-30s holiday in Malia – a Greek souvlaki wrap stuffed with chips. The last time I ate such a kebab I was rocking a solid 9/10 hangover; this time (12 years later) a respectable 7/10. It still did the trick and eased my pain.

I think this is down to three things: meat, bread and salty chips. That combination cannot be underestimated when you’re struggling at the hands of booze doom. What it does need to be is good quality, not swimming in grease, and served by someone that doesn’t shout at you. All of this is true of All Greek Streetfood, located a stones throw from New Street station and run by a lovely couple who just want to feed you.

The Classic Greek (£5.50) with chicken souvlaki – pork is also available – had a decent portion of quality grilled meat packed in a light pitta casing. The chips (you can have it without but don’t be that person) were piping hot and crisp, with additional salad, ketchup and a splodge of mustard to complete the wrap. Not content with two sauces I also added a pot of cool tzatziki to my order to dip my wrap into – try it yourself and thank me later. It’s a big old handful of food for a fiver, and offers a satisfying chew. Is there anything better than chewing on bread when you’re hungover? No. There’s the Cheesy or Veggie Greek if you’re after a meatless alternative.

Side dishes include feta topped fries (£3) and a rather lovely Greek Salad (£4). A generous slab of crumbly feta nestles on top of an array of juicy tomato wedges, salty olives and crisp cucumber and mixed peppers. It’s simple but tasty, albeit a bit heavy on the onion. There’s also a selection of Mediterranean style dips served as snacks, including melitzanosolata, tirosalata and my beloved tzatziki, all of which are served with two warm pita breads for £3.20 a go. Beats a crappy supermarket meal deal that costs about the same but delivers little more than indigestion with a side order of sadness.

All Greek Streetfood isn’t intended to be posh grub, but it’s affordable, filling fast food that’s ideal for lunch on the go. Or as a ‘restorative’ fix when you just need feeding without faff. A greasy 3am kebab this is not – go hungry and leave happy. Be prepared to wait a little bit as everything is made to order, and there’s minimal seating so it’s often crowded at lunchtimes.

All Greek Streetfood, 33 Stephenson Street, Birmingham B2 4BH

Disclosure: I paid in full for all the food included in this post. All photos, words and opinions on All Greek Streetfood are mine.

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