Pasta, pizza and Italian comfort food @ Laghi’s Deli, Five Ways

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There is something rather wonderful happening at Laghi’s Deli, a family run restaurant that popped up opposite Park Regis Hotel last year.

Despite being situated about one red wine stumble away from Five Ways roundabout, Laghi’s Deli is a pretty addition to Brum’s food scene that has been quietly making a name for itself over the last few months.

The venue

Offering Italian comfort food in a beautiful intimate setting, Laghi’s Deli is a hidden gem serving up some of the best pizza in the city, as well as homemade pasta dishes, plentiful platters of cured meats, and desserts. It’s not just a cafe come restaurant, oh no, it’s also a deli boasting cheeses, meats, and freshly baked breads.

Simple but chic, the white wash walls and wooden tables and seating give the restaurant a stylish yet rustic appearance. Bottles of wine line the wall, with the Laghi’s sign taking pride of place nestled between the vino. At a push this restaurant can pack in around 40, but it has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. Great for coffee with friends or a chilled out date night, it’s open everyday 8am – 11:30pm except Sundays.

The food

Head chef Maria, who hails from southern Italy, has created a selection of menus designed to provide a full Italian experience regardless of what time you visit. My first visit saw me in a post bar launch party daze (I was hungover, again) and had dragged my husband out of his booze coma in search of restorative pizza. We’ve previously enjoyed our pizza fixes at OTTO in the Jewellery Quarter, but having seen the large pizza menu via my friend, Fay, I was impressed by the variety here.

My Capricciosa (£10) had a delicious crust with nice charring; good texture and a nice bend when you pick up a piece. Toppings of salty prosciutto, artichoke hearts, black olives and spicy sausage cut into chunks took centre stage; I’d have liked more olives but then I’m just a sucker for them. Ian enjoyed the Lumberjack (£12.95) which included speck ham and porcini mushrooms, and resembles a posh farmhouse pizza. Don’t be shy to slather yours in the dreamy Extra Virgin Olive Oil available, graded as one of the best Italy has to offer, no less. There’s a lovely chilli oil too, but you have to ask for it.

My second visit, on a mid-week afternoon armed with my laptop for work, was to try their homemade pasta. From the lunch menu I ordered Tagliatelle Bolognese (£8.99); a signature dish of beautiful Bologna. It’s a classic but so often done badly, usually by being served with the wrong type of pasta. The Laghi’s version comes with wide and flat (big tick) ribbons of homemade pasta, and a mouthwatering meat sauce that’s thick and rich. Clearly cooked with the tomatoes and vegetables for an extended period, this was a homely and hearty bowl of love, and the pasta had perfect bite.

One thing you should know about this place is that they make everything in house; it’s a family run-place and everyone’s involved in the preparation of the food. I found out from speaking to the staff that the gnocchi, for example, is handmade everyday by a real-life Italian Nonna that has spent decades honing her craft. Anything else is sourced and imported from Italy to ensure authenticity. Bet Prezzo can’t bloody say that, can they?

What I like about Laghi’s approach to pleasing customers is the variety. From freshly ground coffee to Italian cocktails and wine, there’s something for everyone here, making it ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. On a side note, because all food is made fresh, they giveaway any left over food every day to local charities ensuring minimal waste – pretty cool huh?

This is such a lovely new addition to the city’s food scene. Genuine warm service from a very sweet family that want you to enjoy their food and become part of their clan. This place has made me even more exited for my birthday adventure in Rome next month – bring on all the Italian food!

P.S try the donuts. Thank me later.

Have you visited this deli yet? Do you rate it? Let me know in the comments.

Laghi’s Deli, 22- 24 Islington Row, Edgbaston, B15 1LD

Disclosure: I’ve visited several times and always paid in full. All photos and words are mine.

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  1. Best place. I work around the corner and find myselfvthere o ftrn. Wonderful atmosphere that is relaxed. The food is beyond amazing. Gnocchi with crab and saffron sauce was to die for!! If you havent been, you are missing something special!

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