Healthy eating on the move @ Hookway’s Salad & Sandwich Bar

Delis & Takeaway, Review / Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Recently I’ve been grabbing more and more lunches on the go, and a few weeks ago came across Hookway’s in The Minories. I hadn’t heard of the salad and sandwich bar until my pal Fay visited and told me all about it, but it’s such a good find I wanted to share it myself.

Hookway’s is hidden away within The Minories, which is basically Narnia without talking animals. Not heard of it? Welcome to the club! It isn’t somewhere I (knowingly) frequent often, and to be quite honest I had to Google Map it in order to find it. It’s hard to spot with minimal branding, and the outside doesn’t exactly scream excitement either, looking less like a swish lunch joint and more like a newsagents.

Just two minutes walk from Snow Hill Station, this small setup offers a self-service salad bar, plus a variety of made to order sandwiches and wraps, fresh soups and noodle pots. You’ll also find a ‘hot box’ menu (£4.50 per box) including curries and stews that changes monthly; there’s options suitable for vegans too.

The food

As well as some variety of healthy options (ideal post-Christmas if, like me, your jeans no longer fit because you ate December) this place is incredibly well priced.

I opted for a DIY salad box; these are available in small (£2.40), medium (£4.25) and large (£5.75) with various colourful options to choose from. I like the salad boxes for two reasons: 1) the variety 2) it’s not by weight; you can cram as much as you like it. Hooray for greed.

I opted for the medium box and strategically stuffed and balanced a variety of veggies to enable maximum reward. Managing to get an array of different salads packed in, I left with a nutritious lunch and a weighty box of goodies. You should see what I’m like with pick n mix.. seriously.

Highlights for me included the purple coleslaw, cauliflower and chickpeas with tahini, roasted beetroot, and the sweet potato falafels. Whilst there’s no basic salad options in plain sight, such as lettuce or tomato, you only have to ask someone behind the counter to add them to your box.

The freshness of the ingredients make this place a hidden gem, and there’s lots of variety and colour to brighten the rainiest winter lunchtime in Brum. It’s an ideal spot for those looking for wholesome food on the move, and caters well for vegans and vegetarians as well as meat eaters.

Hookway’s, The Minories, Birmingham, B4 6AG

Disclosure: I paid in full. All opinions, photos and January flab are mine

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