Design your own deli board @ The Wolf, Jewellery Quarter

Bars & Pubs, Review / Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Over the last few weeks I’ve visited The Wolf several times, having discovered it was included on my beloved Independent Birmingham card.

Across the road from my Indian food happy place, Hen and Chickens, The Wolf is a popular pub for beer fans, but it’s the lunch and snack menu I’ve been returning for. At lunchtimes there’s a variety of sandwiches and soups available, and come the evening create your own meat and cheese deli boards and pies take focus. Whatever you pick, the food remains simple and humble but well thought through, and the staff couldn’t be nicer.

My first food-based visit was for a friend’s birthday. Ian and I shared a Large Board (£15.50) which included Peel & Stone bread, pickles and our choice of six meats and cheeses. Firstly, I love Peel & Stone bread. I get genuinely really excited if I see it on the menu in cafes (it’s available in abundance at Quarter Horse Coffee for example) and I’m always happy to eat it by the truck load. It formed a large part of our bounty, with thick slices waiting to be piled with cured meats and cheese.

Speaking of cheese, we opted for the vintage cheddar, burner and Brie, and each piece is more than generous in size and excellent quality. Salt beef, smoked ham and Serrano made up the meaty portion of the platter; finely sliced and each full of flavour. Additional pots of chutney, olives and pickles are a lovely touch.

With a 15% Independent Birmingham discount this feast came in at just over £13. In hindsight this was a lot of food for just the two of us, and the medium sized board would probably have been more than adequate. There’s two smaller boards priced at £6.50 or £11 if you need a smaller feed.

Another visit later in the month (during a particularly brutal red wine hangover) led me to trying the lunch options, choosing the unadulterated joy that is the Salt Beef Sandwich (£4.50). The meat comes packed between to thick slices of white Peel & Stone bread. Served with pickle, house slaw and mustard mayo it reminded me of the whopping sarnies you find in San Fransisco. It’s a proper doorstop sandwich and a real bargain for the price.

Do you like The Wolf? Did you know the place does food too? Let me know in the comments.

The Wolf, 2-10 Constitution Hill, Birmingham, B19 3LY

Disclosure: I’ve paid in full at every visit. All words and photos are mine (or The Husband’s) along with a new found love of salt beef

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