Bottomless Sunday lunch @ Tanner & Co, London

Bars & Pubs, BYB Travels / Thursday, March 15th, 2018

This weekend I headed to London for a fabulous birthday brunch at Tanner & Co in Bermondsey.

Located in South London, a stone’s throw from everyone’s favourite phalic building, The Shard, and London Bridge, Tanner & Co is a gorgeous bar and restaurant. They offer breakfast and brunch, but this visit is all about the Bottomless Sunday Lunch (£40).

The venue

Set in one of London’s most famous tannery locations, the restaurant’s name is a nod to the area’s past. Despite the venue’s size there’s a homely, intimate feeling about the place, with plenty of comfy leather booths for group dining. There’s also a secluded outside terrace covered in a blanket of string lights for wine under the stars come the nighttime.

The food

At Tanner & Co £40 will get you two hours of unlimited drinks as well as a two course Sunday lunch. The choice is limited with just two options for the main and a nonnegotiable crumble as dessert once you see the roast beef you won’t want anything else anyway. After being delivered a plate of meat, the put it together yourself roast is served in big sharing dishes, rather than individual meals, reminding me of family Sundays as a kid. It’s all about passing the bowls around and getting stuck in.

Served blushing pink, the sirloin of beef was full of bovine flavour and really juicy. Towering homemade Yorkshire puddings and meaty gravy were excellent, but the star of the show is the goose fat roast potatoes. Crispy and golden on the outside and as fluffy inside as a spud-like cloud can be, we were fighting for the last few on our platter.

Dessert is a homemade apple crumble, smothered in a traditional custard that tastes classic and homemade enough that you realise you’ve missed having the sweet yellow gloop in your life. The crumble topping had an enjoyable crunch, and a caramel flavour from a hefty use of brown sugar.

There is also a different bottomless brunch option available on other days.

The drink

Unlike most boozy brunch and lunch options, here you not only have a variety of drinks to choose from, you can also swap and switch throughout the meal. Go for cocktails including Espresso Martinis or a Bloody Mary, prosecco, wine, beer and cider.

In the name of research (cough) I tried both cocktails before polishing off a mildly ridiculous amount of fizz. Considering the place was heaving and the bar staff were rushed off their feet, both were well made. The Marys can be made as spicy as you like, so don’t be afraid to ask if you want more pep.

Having been to other bottomless brunches in London, this is a generous and solid effort. Most importantly the food is great quality and plentiful, but the quick service (despite the heavy volume of customers) means your glass is never once left empty.

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Have you got any top spots for Sunday lunch? Let me know in the comments.

Tanner & Co, 50 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3UD

Disclosure: We paid in full and more than made the most of the unlimited booze. Which explains why my photos are terrible 👍🏼

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