An introduction to Burger Shop, Worcester

BYB Travels, restaurants, Review / Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Last weekend I headed to Worcester for my friend Emma’s birthday, making a refuel stop at Burger Shop after an afternoon of gin.

Found under an old railway arch, Burger Shop has recently enjoyed award success, winning Best Casual Dining restaurant at the Midland Food, Drink and Hospitality Awards in June. Accolades are good but leave a lot for a restaurant to live up to – so did the food match expectations?

The venue itself is hidden away on Cherry Tree Walk, a quiet side road away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre’s array of pubs. It’s spacious, with exposed brickwork and wooden tables and benches. The super-high ceiling makes the place feel airy. We arrived for dinner around 7pm and the place was already busy, our reserved table the only one empty. It seemed to get less manic within an hour, probably as people moved on to local bars. The menu is concise but offers a decent selection of burgers, plus there’s an ever-changing specials blackboard including sides and drinks as well as burgers.

A round of drinks (a glass of house red and a pint of craft beer for £4 a piece) came before we ordered grub. There’s also a handful of cocktails available too. Unlike most of the burger joints in Brum, this place offers table service which is helpful when in a large group, and the food arrived in OK time considering how busy it was and our party size. Full disclosure here before I continue: I was absolutely starving by the time we had food placed in front of us, so I inhaled rather than savoured this meal. For that reason I probably can’t be as descriptive as usual, because the hangry troll inside me just needed feeding. As you were..

I opted for the Worcester Blue (£9) with Rosemary Salted Fries (£3) and, because I’m a greedy beast, shared some Cauli Croqs (£4) from the specials board with my fellow food fiend, Chloe. The burger arrived wrapped up like a gift (always happy to receive burgers as presents, thanks) with a decent sized cup of freshly fried chips and a garlic and paprika dipping sauce. You’re actually only meant to get that sauce with the sweet potato fries, but if you ask nicely they’ll hook you up (free of charge) with any side. The fries were crisp and salty, although I didn’t get much hint of the rosemary.

The burger patty was tasty and well seasoned, with some delicious Worcestershire Blue melted onto the beef and onions. I’d have liked more of the cheese flavour to come through, it got a little lost behind the pungent garlic mayonnaise. It was still absolutely delicious, don’t get me wrong, I’m just a cheese fiend. When it comes to a blue cheese burger I do like to have my socks blown off (Libertine or Flying Cows do excellent blue burgers) a bit. I loved the sturdy challah bun and the soft onions, however, and overall it was a solid effort. Chloe’s Pulled Welsh Lamb Burger (£9.50) looked delicious and, based on the noises she made eating it, may be my next choice if I get to revisit.

A second side of cauli croqs ended up being a really pleasant surprise. Crispy on the outside but soft and gooey in the middle, these little balls were filled with a creamy white sauce and both puréed and small chunks of cauliflower. Lovely texture and delicate flavour. Emma kindly let me try one of her Cheese Curds (£5.50) too; delicious fried morsels of chewy, rich cheese encased in a lovely savoury batter. I’d go back for some of those alone.

The bill split between 10 with a tip came to £20pp which for an award winning burger, a drink and a side (and a half) each seemed quite reasonable. Burger Shop uses locally sourced ingredients and is open 7 days a week for takeaway or dine in.

Have you been to Burger Shop? What burger do you rate there?

Burger Shop Worcester, Arch 46, Cherry Tree Walk, Worcester, WR13BH

Disclosure: We paid in full for our food and drinks. All photos, words and opinions are mine. Happy birthday, Emma!

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