A spicy lunch and Siamais revisited

restaurants, Review / Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Sometimes you stumble upon a restaurant and it just makes your heart a little happier, don’t you think? It’s rare but wonderful; you’ve never heard of a place and then all of a sudden you’ve been back ten times and tried half the menu. For me, that restaurant seems to be Siamais brindleyplace.

I sort of live there now, as my Instagram feed testifies..

This Thai-inspired restaurant played host to the Brum Blogger Dates last month (you can read my review of the event here) and I enjoyed the experience so much I’ve been back several times since. The staff are friendly and attentive, the bar and restaurant are both absolutely beautiful, and the food is delicious.

The non-blogger friends I’ve introduced to this place have loved it, so much I recently decided to treat my other half to lunch there – I’m nice like that. With a quiet weekend on the cards and lots of wedding admin sorted I thought we deserved a reward, so I excitedly introduced Ian to Siamais.

We arrived during the lunchtime service and were seated quickly with the menu. Unfortunately the lunch menu wasn’t available but if you’re here during the week for £12.95 guests can enjoy two courses from a set menu. When you consider that most mains come in around this amount, it’s a bargain. Effectively you get a starter for free (well that’s the way my brain likes to process it) and when you take in the gorgeous surroundings, and the restaurant’s location in Brindleyplace, the price is excellent. However on this occasion it was main menu only.

Previously I’ve tried starters including the Sizzling Steak (£12) and the Tempura Prawns (£7.50), but this time – because I’m a sucker for peanut butter flavoured anything – we opted for the Chicken Satay (£5.95) to share with our mains. Three skewers of marinaded chicken arrived served with a separate creamy nutty dipping sauce. Presented on a pandanus leaf, succulent chicken breast pieces were delicately spiced with pepper and herbs and lightly chargrilled, ensuring a crispy, smoky crust. The vibrant peanut sauce made an excellent light accompaniment to the skewers.

Chicken devoured, my Stir Fried Prawns with Red Chilli (£11.95) arrived to complete my lunch. Large and juicy king prawns – a more than fair amount – are stir fried with peppers, red chilli paste and garlic, and delivered swimming in a thick, spicy sauce. Bright and glossy, the sauce was rich in fresh flavours and had a pleasant hum of spice; a little more heat wouldn’t be a bad thing although it’s still a delightful dish. Perhaps worth noting here that I’ve previously tried the curries which have more of a spice-kick, if that’s your thing.

Ian chose to skip the rice dishes and chose the Singapore Noodles (£9.95). Chicken and king prawns top the fine rice noodles, fried with peppers and spring onion, for a balanced dish.

Another satisfying visit to Siamais, and well worth a revisit (or 10) if you’re in that neck of the woods.

Have you visited Siamais brindleyplace? Do you rate the food? Let me know in the comments.

Siamais brindleyplace 7 Oozells Street, Birmingham, B1 2HS

Disclosure: I paid in full for the meal and drinks. All opinions, photos and prawn porn are my own

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