Cafe 1368 opens next door to The Old Crown, Digbeth

Cafes, Ramblings / Friday, April 27th, 2018

This week Cafe 1368 officially opened in Digbeth, as a revamped version of the cafe that was previously sat next door to The Old Crown.

Offering up breakfast, brunch, lunch and all the other meals that occur before mid afternoon, this new incarnation of the cafe space is a lovely new addition to the Digbeth food scene.

The menu is quite large considering the venue is tiny, with hot and cold options including filled bagels and toasties. At breakfast time you’ll find healthy ‘fry ups’, topped toasts and the usual coffees and hot drinks you’d expect. Come lunchtime things get a bit more interesting, with daily specials for under £6, including homemade fishcake burgers and even a roast dinner on the go thanks to the Yorkshire pudding wraps. There’s also cake.. a lot of cake.

I got the impression when I popped in to see what was available that the menu is set to change seasonally, with a salads of the day in summer and hearty pies coming in winter. The jerk chicken I had a nibble on was a spicy dream, and the lunchtimes specials are worth checking out for the portion sizes alone. Either way, there’s plenty of choice, it’s well priced, and I expect it’ll be a popular lunch spot for those in and around The Custard Factory. It’s a nice little set up; there’s seating through the archway or a handful of seats outside the front if you fancy some sunshine with your salmon, and the staff are super enthusiastic about this new incarnation of the cafe.

The Old Crown is also about to celebrate its 650th birthday (as you do) making it the oldest pub in Birmingham by a mile and half. It’s one of my favourite spots when beer garden season hits, and it’s just around the corner from Digbeth Dining Club. Winner winner.

The cafe is open weekdays 8am to 4pm and can be found to the right of the pub on the main road.

Cafe 1368, The Old Crown, 188 High Street, Digbeth, B12 0LD

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