Breakfast meetings and Urban Cafe revisited 

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Urban Cafe revisited

It’s been a funny old week, with absolutely loads going on at work and a busy week socially but I managed to sneak in a visit to Urban Cafe. During the last seven days I’ve had various meetings and on many occasions haven’t had time to grab myself breakfast (woe is me) so I was really pleased when one of my early morning meetings in the city centre turned into a foodie experience too.

My meeting was based around the Snow Hill area, where there is no shortage of options for someone seeking a breakfast bite, and as I was trying to choose exactly where to meet up I remembered my brunch a few weeks ago at Urban on Church Street. Just a skip and a jump from the newly launched Gaucho, Urban is a cute and popular spot in the city centre for those seeking sustenance that is both tasty and affordable.

My previous experience of this cafe started off a little manic (for want of a better word) however, I was really impressed with the food and the politeness of staff inspite of a shaky start, so I decided to return.

Instead of visiting during a busy period on a Sunday like last time, I arrived at the cafe just after 9am on a week day as most people were leaving to go to work. I grabbed a table upstairs on the second floor of the cafe – which is an excellent little spot for low key meetings – and went down to order food.

I’m an absolute avocado fiend, so it was a given that I was going to choose one of the breakfast dishes that includes my beloved green mush. On this occasion I picked the Avocado Smash on Sourdough Toast (£4.35) and chose to add two poached eggs and bacon (£1.50 each).

I also ordered a cappuccino for a caffeine boost, after a few days of very little sleep, which I waited for downstairs before heading up to my table to wait for the food. The coffee was delicious.

My food took around 15 minutes to arrive and I was delighted to see that the generous portions from my previous visit were not a one off. There was a healthy dollop of smashed avocado on my perfectly toasted sourdough bread, and I really liked the additional fiery kick that came from the chilli flakes.

There was also just enough lemon to give it freshness without being overpowering. On a flavour note, I do wish there was an option to add feta instead of halloumi to this dish (not that I don’t like halloumi obviously!) because that would really make this even more delicious.

The poached eggs were cooked perfectly and when I burst the first yolk it was deliciously hot and runny. Top marks, eggcellent one might say.. no one? ..oh. Bacon could’ve been crispier but in all fairness I didn’t make that request, will know for next time.

My second visit to Urban Cafe was much calmer than my first but the food was still absolutely spot-on. You really cannot knock the portions at this place and if you have an Indepedent Birmingham card don’t forget you will benefit from getting a little bit of money off. You’re welcome!

You can also read about my first experience at the cafe here.

Urban Cafe, 30 Church Street, Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 2NP

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