Best places for sandwiches in Birmingham city centre

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I discovered yesterday that we’re in the midst of British Sandwich Week. All hail the carby wonder.

I only realised this was a ‘thing’ after watching Marmite, Hellmann’s and Pot Noodle have a scrap on Twitter. That’s not a sentence I expected to write myself, to be honest, but here we are. My timeline became full of great (and gross) sandwiches which reminded me of some of the epic breaded beasts I’ve munched in Brum. Below you’ll find some of my favourite places to grab a sarni, all conveniently located in the centre of town and ideal for a lunch that doesn’t involve a naff meal deal procured by ‘Bubbly Barbara’ from admin. Better yet, most of them are also independents, so you’re getting a great lunch and supporting local business not Mr Tesco.

Medicine Bakery (New Street)

It’s well documented I’m a bit obsessed with the mega-sized sandwiches available from Medicine Bakery found at the Victoria Square end of New Street. In my opinion you’ll be hard pressed to beat The Ruben on rye (ask for it toasted!) which is rammed full of Swiss cheese, tender salt beef, mustard and crunchy pickles.

Anderson and Hill (Great Western Arcade)

The place I visit regularly to replenish my stash of Pip’s Hot Sauce, Anderson and Hill is a deli with a difference. Hidden away just out of sight of Snow Hill Station, this shop knows how to nail a doorstop sandwich. If you like cured meats (and lots of them) the New Yorker and The Godmother are both well worth a chomp. It’s not the cheapest but it’s one of the best, hence why it’s rammed most lunchtimes.

Old Crown (Digbeth)

The oldest pub in Brum is technically just out of the city centre, found in Digbeth. But that’s forgivable when you see the monster sandwiches the Old Crown offers up. There’s loads on the menu to choose from and they come in various sizes, but my advice is to pick the steak offering and go straight for the ‘Scooby Snack’ style large one. You won’t need to eat again for a week – promise.

The Shakespeare (Lower Temple Street)

Like a fish finger sandwich? You and me both. The best I’ve found in the city centre so far is courtesy of The Shakespeare, near New Street Station. It’s the closest thing to sea side quality battered fish I’ve found nearby and the homemade chunky tartare sauce is delicious.

Wayland’s Yard (Bull Street)

If you fancy a hearty but healthy sarni head to Wayland’s Yard. Not just a brunch spot, this place is ideal for a quick lunch and has freshly made sandwiches ready to be turned into toasties if you so wish. There’s loads of veggie (and even vegan) packed options if that’s more your bag.

Quarter Horse Coffee (Southside)

Carb up your coffee with a sandwich from Quarter Horse, just behind the Hippodrome. These guys use Peel & Stone sourdough (buy it anywhere you can find it, it’ll change your life) and have an ever changing array of fillings. The coffee is also bloody amazing.

Where do you go for your sandwich fix? Let me know in the comments.

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