A week of food and drink in Birmingham #5

Ramblings / Monday, September 17th, 2018

Last week was a busy one. As well as celebrating 7 years since I stuck my claws into Ian, I had plenty on the work and social calendars too.

From a super swish cheese and wine dinner to an anniversary noodle fix, here’s six of the highlights from my eating escapades around the city centre last week.

Canal House

Small plates and beer was the purpose for my recent visit to The Canal House. The bods behind this place and The Botanist have recently launched a new beer called Tribal Ale. The 4.4% beer is refreshing and only available at these two locations in Brum. We ordered some bar snacks to accompany the drinks, including pork crackling and blue cheese fondue.

The Red Lion

I have gone on and on about the Sunday lunches available at The Red Lion, many times actually, but that’s because they’re the best value roast dinner in Brum. The amount of food you get for £12 is quite ridiculous, and I’m all about big portions. For some reason known only to the kitchen, this weekend they tried adding (unadvertised and unwanted) ratatouille to their veg offering. Judging by the fact that we, and every single table around us, asked for replacements without the watery tomato slop covering everything (WHY?!) I don’t imagine it’ll become a regular fixture. I’ll certainly ask for mine without it next time – not that I ever thought it would be something I’d have to do – but once the grim goo was removed the beef roast itself was perfect as usual.


Located within the Hyatt Regency, Aria – the hotel’s restaurant – has got a new menu. I live round the corner from the hotel (and I’m a nosey bugger) so I popped in for a girly lunch, plus I wanted a mooch about the revamped lobby bar. Back to the grub, some of the mains are unashamedly quite pricey, but as hotel restaurants go Aria is rather lovely. My top picks from the hot off the press autumn menu are the scallops with chorizo crumb, and the grilled sea bream with samphire. If you fancy being a bit fancy, or you’re just staying at the hotel, this is a lovely space to have dinner. Full review coming soon.


My husband is a big fan of Wagamama. Like, he really likes it. When we first got together, about 17494 years ago, we ate a lot of Wagas, so it seemed fitting we grabbed some noodles for a post pint low key anniversary dinner. I decided to go for an old school favourite: yaki udon. And all the gyoza, because they’re one of life’s greatest joys. Happy anniversary, by the way, Ian. Thanks for always letting me take photos of your food and never complaining… anymore.


On Friday night I handed over a nice wedge of cash and was given my dream evening in return: a dinner built of/around cheese, far too much wine, and great company. The five course meal included dishes made with artisanal cheeses and came with specially selected wine pairings. I left fat and drunk (the walk home was eventful) and very pleased with myself for having discovered such a great way to spend a cold Friday night. I loved this so much I’ve already written a full post about it – due to go live this week – if you’re interested in the individual dishes. There’s more ‘theme’ nights to come at restaurant too…

Edwardian Tearooms

My second roast in seven days was eaten in a more unique setting. Normally somewhere I more associate with a brew and a posh sandwich, the Edwardian Tearooms does Sunday dinners. Who knew?! Yorkshires the size of your face and some seriously tasty roast spuds – bravo. The beef was a little fatty for my tastes and having seen the pork with crackling I would go back to give that a whirl instead. You can find this gorgeous place at the back of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and two Sunday dinners cost just £20.

Where did you eat last week? Let me know in the comments

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