A week of food and drink in Birmingham #4

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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I spent last weekend in Manchester celebrating Pride. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you’re one of the lucky ones.. believe me.

While I had a lovely time (I’m fat, exhausted and still finding glitter everywhere) I struggled to get back into the whole cooking for myself thing. For that reason I spent much of the past week paying other people to feed me; beneficial for you lot but probably not our household income. Here’s some of the best bites from the last seven days.

The Distillery

No surprises here, my hangover and laziness brought me to my local. Ian and I met up with some friends on bank holiday Monday for a relaxed lunch. While the beer didn’t go down very well (like I said: broken) the lamb shawarma was cracking. It comes deconstructed so you can make it the way you like; I just made two massive wraps and shovelled them in. I’ve chatted about The Distillery before if you want more info.


One of my favourite Indian restaurants in the city, my husband made my day by suggesting the place as a takeaway option. Ace food to eat but away from pretty humans that don’t look like they’ve been run over by a glitter bus: ideal. We ordered various dishes to share but the highlights for me were the saag paneer and tarka dal. It’s not the cheapest option (and you don’t get the fabulous dining experience and service you pay for when you eat in) but the food was truly delicious. I reviewed Pushkar ages ago if you want to read more about the place.


Not satisfied with one spicy meal this week I ordered tacos from Tortilla via Deliveroo. The soft tortillas are my go to over the crunchy corn ones, and these hit the spot for a lazy lunch without leaving the apartment. Love the pico they make in house here too. My only regret is not ordering a burrito to go with them. You can find these guys in Grand Central if you’re not a lazy sloth like me.

Gaijin Sushi / Loki Wine

I’ve banged on about my love for Gaijin Sushi a lot, most coherently in this post from last month. So when I heard a rumour that my Sushi paradise was collaborating with Loki Wine (which is just 8 minutes walk from my flat; yes I like to be exact) I was sold. There’s a set fish or a veggie option and the boxes are sold first come first served Thursdays and Fridays. This is a new offer so for the first two weeks boxes are £5, afterwards they’ll be £10.


The first time I visited Gaucho to eat it was to try the Electro Brunch and the last time was to kick start our honeymoon celebrations. There was a rubbish effort by the venue during Cocktail Weekend 2018 that we don’t really talk about, but I’ve always enjoyed the food. On Friday we headed back for more steak (and a hell of a lot of wine) for a date night. I had the spiral cut fillet marinaded in garlic and parsley which is ludicrously expensive (£50 mentalness) but totally gorgeous.

Purnell’s Bistro & Ginger’s Bar

There’s always time for a cocktail, especially if it’s a quality espresso martini. Purnell’s Bistro & Ginger’s Bar is a lovely spot for a quieter weekend drink, and reasonably priced considering the celeb chef (oi oi Glynn) attached to it. I also had a rather wonderful margarita, although I’d rather it didn’t come in a tumbler – personal preference of course.

And that’s your lot. Where have you been eating this week? Let me know any recommendations or suggestions in the comments.

Disclosure: I/we paid in full for all food included within this post. I wasn’t asked to include any venue above; just trying to be kind, helpful, or supportive to places I enjoy.

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