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Pop ups, Ramblings / Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Grab your thermals and stuff your wallets with dosh – the annual Christmas market has rolled into Brum once again. Whether you love it or hate it – it’s like festive Marmite for locals – the annual Birmingham German Market is a hugely popular part of the city’s social calendar. Here even earlier than usual (it’s mid f*cking November, guys) the stalls were all up and ready for business on November 16th.

As usual, the set up starts by the Bullring, and stalls selling food, drink and miscellaneous (and usually totally overpriced) trinkets line New Street all the way up to Victoria Square. Outside the museum you’ll find the Insta famous carousel and hub of the market, with the best of the food pop ups and a stage for live music. This year the big wheel and ice rink are over by Millennium Point, and the smaller market outside the library is no more.

There’s lots to eat including hot dogs, sauerkraut, roast ham sandwiches and fried cheese, and if you have a sweet tooth there’s enough sugar available to ensure your teeth have rotted away by Christmas Day. Horay! My husband annually eats around 158395 bratwursts during the ‘Frankfurt Market’ stint, and judging by my quick visit this week (you can’t really avoid it if you’re in town) this remains the most popular draw.

With all that in mind I thought I’d quickly snap a few of the options available that you may like to try if you’re visiting over the festive period. The Birmingham German Market gets really (horribly) busy over the weekend, in particularly at night, so just keep that in mind if you have small kids.

Sausages galore – there’s various places to buy hotdogs and white or red (spicy) bratwursts. One place sells some that are half a metre long; I watched someone try and fail to finish one, much to my amusement. Average price around £4.50.

Beers and mulled everything – there’s several places littered about to buy booze, and some have small seating areas to help visitors escape the cold. German beers, mulled wine/cider and boozy hot chocolates are all available. Average price* around £4.50.

Meaty meals – if you’re looking for something more substantial a few stands sell meals, including roasted ham, steak or German burgers which come with fried potatoes, fried mushrooms and garlic sauce. Pack indigestion tablets – thank me later. Average price around £8.

Cheese please – if you like fried cheese (of course you do) there’s a stall near the post office by Victoria Square that sells a variety of sloppy, gooey battered cheeses. You can buy a batch or just a piece. Average price around £3.

Garlic bread – weirdly, one of the most popular stands is always the garlic bread shack in the middle of Victoria Square. Some slices come with cheese or salami on; all are very garlicky. Average price around £3. 

Sweets and chocolate – sugaring yourself silly is easy at the Birmingham Christmas Market. You’ll find crepes, posh chocolates, sweets, fudge and all kinds of donuts and cakes. Average price around £3.50.

It’s not for everyone, but the Frankfurt Market does have a certain familiarity. It’s hugely popular and sees over 5,000,000 extra people flock to Brum every year to visit. (Thanks for that fact, Dave aka Brum Hour!)

The Birmingham Christmas Market is open daily now (closes 9pm) and runs until 24th December. Wrap up warm, expect to spend a whack, and try not to lamp the barrage of slow walkers you’ll inevitably get stuck behind at points.

Will you be visiting the German Market in Birmingham this year? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know what you think in the comments.

*Don’t forget, to buy drinks you’ll need a little extra cash for glass deposits. 

*Disclosure: this post is not affiliated with any company or brand. All words and pictures are my own*

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  1. I hate the German Market with a passion….However, I go every year without fail haha, for gingerbread, and now: FRIED CHEESE! And maybe a go on the carousel 🙂

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