A weekend of street food highlights

Bars & Pubs, Pop ups, Ramblings, restaurants / Sunday, February 25th, 2018

I spent most of last weekend eating street food and drinking beer. It was, as you’d imagine, rather glorious.

The two day binge eating fest started out innocently enough; grab a burger before a trip to the cinema. Lovely. Of course, being that I can’t be trusted and Ian’s easily led, this quickly escalated into a lost weekend of booze. And some of the best new street food Birmingham has to offer.

The Patty Freaks

I’d heard mixed reviews about the Hawker Yard set up, found over by The Arcadian. Some folk have been raving about the new street food vendors whilst others have been bashing the venue itself. OK, so it feels more like a festival tent than a food showcase (and I’m not sure the guys running it have the best business brains) but there’s some exciting vendors making some seriously good food.

The Patty Freaks are new to the scene but are cranking out some seriously sexy steak burgers. The Dirty Freak (doubled up, obviously) is a messy triumph, flavoured with a ginger biscuit gravy and loaded with purple cabbage and cheddar. I ended up with much of it down my face and in my hair; all signs of a good burger in my book.

Indian Brewery

Accessible Indian food and friendly service – that’s what you can expect from Indian Brewery. There’s a menu bursting with street food favourites, all nestled in a railway arch next to Snow Hill. A Saturday lunchtime visit with friends saw some serious over ordering of dishes, including a mixed grill, pakora chat and masala fries.

*Full review of Indian Brewery here*

Fat Snags

If you’ve not tried a Lashfords sausage before you may well lose your mind when you see what Fat Snags are doing. A newbie to the Digbeth Dining Club scene, these guys serve up 10 inches of meat for your mouth for just £7.

On The Wingman a juicy, pork and bacon sausage is covered in Franks Red Hot Sauce, crunchy onions and a bad ass homemade blue cheese drizzle that leaves you licking your lips and sucking your fingers clean. The celery, however, ended up in the bin.

Dicks Smokehouse

So, in all honesty I actually only came across Dick’s because I got my days mixed up, and thought Low n Slow (GOOGLE THAT) was at DDC on Saturday. It wasn’t there, and this resulted in me panic buying a beef brisket filled roll from Dick’s Smokehouse.

Despite having limited expectations, having never seen these guys before, I actually quite enjoyed the super tender slow cooked beef. Was it tasty, absolutely. Is it Low n Slow? No – but then in all honesty, what is?

Do you like these local heroes? Let me know in the comments.

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