Photos: Burger Fest @ The Bond, Digbeth

Events, Pop ups / Monday, October 8th, 2018

If there’s anything guaranteed to get me out of bed on a Saturday it’s the promise of dripping, cheesy, filthy burgers. Lots of them.

Thankfully all my dreams came true this weekend when some of the best local (and national, quite frankly) patty slingers came together for Burger Fest in Digbeth. Our church for the day was to be The Bond; our holy leaders the likes of Original Patty Men, Flying Cows, Meat Shack and Patty Freaks. I’m not one for organised religion, but I’ll happily worship at the alter of burger.

I’ve decided for today’s post to waffle less and show my appreciation for what these legends do via some good old fashioned food porn. Because let’s be honest, describing burgers with fancy words isn’t half as sexy as staring at oozy, gooey photos of them. We ate A LOT, but here’s a selection of my favourites from the one off event.

Patty Freaks

Original Patty Men

Meat Shack

Flying Cows

Baked in Brick

Did you go to Burger Fest? What was your best bite of the day?

Disclosure: we paid in full for our tickets and all of the food we ate.

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