Hotel Chocolat opens Birmingham cafe bar 

Cafes, Events / Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Hotel Chocolat fans – I have something for you!

Have you heard a new cafe bar has opened in the city centre promising plenty of the sweet stuff as well as cocoa infused booze? Yes, really.

 The drinks

Hotel Chocolat has opened a luxury chocolate bar on New Street with an in-house cafe serving up drinks featuring (a most delightful) cocoa gin and rum.

The sugartastic menu also offers 10 flavours of hot chocolate, including salted caramel, as well as rum based hot chocolate concoctions. I tried the Christmas Spice Hot Chocolate (£3.95) which was warming.

If you’re feeling peckish there’s a host of chocolate-based snacks to choose from including a variety of brownies (oh hello salted caramel) and seasonal options like Ice Cream with Mince Pie Sauce (£3.50).

The shop

The shop itself has all sorts of treats including more unusual sounding items (which come with a fairly hefty price tag) like Cocoa Pesto (£5) and Chocolate Pasta (£5). Make of that what you will..

The cafe bar itself is pretty tiny but there’s seating at the back. With the German Market on at the moment that part of town is insanely busy, but if you really like chocolate and want to take a break from Christmas shopping this might be worth seeking out.

Have you tried this place? Do you have any favourite menu items? Let me know in the comments.

Hotel Chocolat Cafe, 117 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4JQ

Disclosure: this was a launch event and tasters were complementary. Isn’t that just peachy

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